Since I have been writing this blog,I have been thinking so much about my son Alex. I named my blog ‘I AM NOT SICK BOY’ because before he died, he asked me to write a book about his life and to name it that. I agreed. He was a beautiful person who touched my heart and that of many others. He was funny with a dry sense of humor. He was sick most of his life, but what I don’t talk about much is who he was when he wasn’t sick. He did whatever he wanted. Nobody ever realized how sick he was. He traveled. He was an accomplished clarinetist. He even went to The Boston Conservatory. I miss his music. I miss his huge smile, his bear hugs, and always telling me that he loved me. He died when He was thirty. I think he just waited until he was thirty because his doctors always told him that he wouldn’t live to be thirty. He was so happy on his birthday. I guess he showed them, right? He was the sort of boy that you either loved or hated. Black and white were all that he could see. Not much gray area for him. Well I seem to continue to talk about his illnesses and how he was sick, but he was a truly amazing person.
Ready, Set, Done

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