This is a child’s story that I wrote about a real day in Alex’ little life.

Alex is a funny busy five-year old with blonde, curly hair. He is excited because tomorrow he will start Kindergarten.  His mom and he have been getting ready for that day for weeks already. There was a list of everything that would be needed for that exciting day.  Each item was checked off as it was completed. His new blue shoes with yellow stripes were in the closet, the brand new clothes were in the drawers with the one set of jeans and tee-shirt with the truck on the front that says, ‘I Dig Kindergarten’ hanging on his bedroom door, the cool camo backpack was in the entryway filled with pencils, crayons, glue stick and papers. There was only one thing left on the list. That was a haircut. Today is the day for his haircut.

Finally, Alex was not in pre-school . No.  He was in Kindergarten with the bigger kids. He hoped he would see some of the kids near his house that he knew. He wondered what his teacher would be like and if he would have homework to do like his older sister and brother. But, those things will have to wait for now. Alex was on his way to get his haircut. He was fidgeting in his seat and talking about what tomorrow would be like. He was just too happy.

They were finally there. This was what he has been waiting for the most. He couldn’t wait to sit in that tall chair and get his haircut. Alex kept watching in the mirror as the lady used the scissors and comb all around his head. Then, before he knew it, she was taking off the towels and the long, black cover and asked how he liked it. What? He thought. ‘But it’s not straight. It’s still curly.’ He said. His mother saw how sad he was and explained that he was born with curly hair and it would always be that way.

Alex moped all the way home thinking about tomorrow and how the others in his class would laugh at him, how would he make friends? Nothing and no one could cheer him up. Even the ride to Kindergarten was quiet, without any smiles. His mom kissed him and told him to have a good day and left him in the classroom with his teacher. It was not long after that a boy came up to Alex and introduced himself. Alex’  frown turned upside down when he saw that he had curly hair too. He had already made a friend. And he had learned a lesson:  It’s alright to be different. That makes us special.


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