Just the mention of food would make me instantly hungry, and nudge me to the refrigerator to ‘graze.’  There was hardly anything that I wouldn’t eat. I remember when food was my only friend, my confidante, even my hug when I felt sad.  I admit that I did not eat to live, but lived to eat.  That is until ten years ago when I had a gastric bypass.  That changed the importance of food in my life completely.  It was a long and difficult transition from eating anytime, anywhere to being able to eat one or two spoonfuls of a food that would taste right to me.  My stomach would no longer digest my favorite birthday cake frosting, my daily morning poached egg on toast, and numerous other items that I loved.

To this day it is a chore to go grocery shopping to find something that will nourish me and, most importantly, taste good when I eat it.  It seemed that once I found something that fit into my criteria, that would become a staple in my diet for months.  There is green olives (I still love), pickles, bananas, crackers, and popsicles.  But, there are two things that I will never get over losing.  The first is Reese’s Peanut butter.  No.  Not the one with the chocolate in it.  I mean the old one that was the perfect taste that melted in my mouth.  The first time I couldn’t see it on the aisle, I thought they had run out.  On my second trip I asked the manager just to find out that their stores would no longer carry that brand.  That led me on a pilgrimage to find my authentic Reese’s peanut butter.  There was not one jar to be found in my vicinity.  Well, I grieved that loss and went on.  But, if anyone knows where to find my favorite peanut butter, please let me know.

Then there was my yogurt. I will only purchase the small (3.5oz.) containers, so that makes it a challenge to start with.  The other thing was that it had a high protein content.  That is critical for any gastric bypass patient.  And the taste was just as if I were eating a fresh orange.  That was my lunch everyday, until my market stopped stocking it.  I have searched everywhere for the same, or anything that might come close, and have failed miserably.

Of course, I have had to resort to some other brands and flavors, but they will never compare.  Please, please, do not ever let them stop selling my favorite Outshine Wild Cherry popsicles.

Let It Be

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