My first thought about what I should do with this magical key, it would have to be magical, is to open up an enormous, ancient hidden doorway covered with vines, plants, mold and thousands of delicate, violet flowers that would lead me into an immense space that held all of the mysteries and miracles of the human body. The hunger inside me for the greatest amount of this knowledge is insatiable. With it I could find out how a pain-free and healthy life would have been possible for my son Alex.

It soon occurs to me that even in this glorious place with my enchanted key, Alex could never come back to me. No. He is living his pain-free life in his heavenly place. But there are countless sweet and beautiful children in the world that are living their own version of hell on earth. It then becomes my mission to gain the abundance of wisdom that had been awarded to me to find cures for their diseases, medicines without narcotics, and compassionate health care practitioners for them all.

I would not stop there. There must be a file cabinet inside that mystical place that is meant for the heart-broken, over burdened, and sleep deprived parents of these children. Inside there would be ways to comfort, edify and bring true hope for them.
Golden Key

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