It took me a few minutes to think about who I thought was the best story-teller that I know. My younger years were filled with drama and chaos. No one that would have time to tell a story or two. My husband was a master at spinning and stretching the truth, in a good way. He probably had the most prolific imagination of anyone ever in my life. I suppose that is why the two people whom I choose as the best story tellers are my children, Crystal and Alex. They were close in age and best friends. The stories they would come up with were amazing, even before they went to school. Crystal would tell us stories about her two imaginary friends, Theresa and George, and her birds and sweet snakes that lived in her oven. There was never a dull moment. Alex became a plumber for about a year and carried around a plunger wherever he went telling stories about my personal plumbing disasters. How embarrassing.

In my opinion it is most important that the person telling the tale be energetic with conviction in their tone. They would paint a picture with their spoken word. After all, it is an art. If the storyteller knows his audience, he would speak at their level with a beginning, middle and an end. Sometimes it is helpful to include some pauses as to increase the anticipation throughout it.

I saved all of my little ones’ phenomenal stories either written by my hand or theirs. Now I can look back and remember how funny Alex was and Crystal remains. It would have been nice to have had some of my husband’s tales penned to paper. I just never thought that I would outlive him. But the memories are still with me.

Spinning Yarns


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