Would it be right, or would it be fair to start a new life that’s just for me? I am a MOM, but now they are grown. I was a wife, and now I’m not. At first it was a lot for my mind to take in. How could it be that I would be with me, no one else? It felt wrong to go on when they were now gone.

Years went by day after day as I tried to put the right piece in the right spot. Would I, could I feel whole once more? The pain kept me down, in my bed on most days, so it was small steps that brought me here where I am.

One day my smile came back. Then, I saw that glint in my eye. In the glass she stared, it was my face from the past. Where have you been? It has been so long. Now what are the rules? What is to come next? The doubts are so many that I feel scared.

I will start out fresh, and be a new me. What makes me happy? What speaks to my heart? I thought I’d try art with a sketch and some paint and next it was film. No. I knew it was wrong. A week or two passed then I picked up my pen. It was my best pen that I had used each day before I lost who I was in those days. I wrote with fire to take the hurt out. Then, wrote some more to bring peace to my soul. I have found where my heart is and just what I love.

One at a Time