I wonder how old we are when we become aware of what a lie is. I can remember lying to my teachers in Kindergarten. There was no reason for me to be lying. They were just stories that probably didn’t make any sense. The truth was not good enough for me at any time. I continued on this path for the next years on into high school. Then I told a lie that surely ruined my entire life. You know how dramatic we are in those teenage years. But it was bad enough to get me expelled from my all girl Catholic school. My grandparents were horrified and could not believe that I would do such a thing. I was elated. I finally would be going to a public school and boys would be sitting right next to me.

Well, I was punished for the whole summer and began to understand why the lies were not helping me in any way. I decided to make a conscious effort to stop this life long habit and carried my new-found love for honesty into my adult years. Of course, there are still times that I stretch the truth to make things a little easier for me, or someone I love. Yes. In those instances I believe there are exceptions.

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