Since this blog is in honor of my son, Alex, I am going to put something here today on the anniversary of his death. This is a poem that I wrote for his funeral. I miss that boy so much!

Can you see what I see?
Look at all the colors and beauty through my eyes.
Can you feel what I feel?
Find your passion in life and reach for the sky.

Can you hear what I hear?
Listen to every note that comes your way.
Can you do what I do?
Find adventure and uniqueness in every single day.

It is true. I had strong opinions.
Nothing could stop me from doing what I wanted to.
I was proud to wear nail polish,
And didn’t mind when people stared when I dyed my hair blue.

I ran a marathon when some thought I could not,
And slid down a China dune two stories high.
I know that I had fun in all that I did.
Whatever sounded different I knew I would try.

Alex saw the world that was there for his enjoyment. He never allowed anything
or anyone to stop him from doing exactly what he wanted to do.
If Alex entered a room, everyone knew he was there.
His smile was infectious and his humor unstoppable.
Alex is greatly missed by all who were touched by him.


  1. I have never “met” your beautiful young man except in your blogs, and darn! I miss him too!! I just don’t know for sure that their spirit leaves us completely after they pass. I kind of think that as long as there are people here they love, they are here too – just in a different way One of those ways are they are not sick anymore. ((Hugs!!)) xo For Alex: ((Hugs!!) xo

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