When the sun comes up and I need just a little more time for me, I leave the curtains drawn, the lights stay off and find quiet to start my day.  I sit in my favorite chair, lay my quilt made of all my husband’s shirts across my lap, and get my pills together with the water to wash them down.  Now I am ready to turn my computer on to find out what has happened in the world while I soundly slept last night and read emails that tell me the best buys.  By this time my sweet birds are beginning to make their waking up soft noises.  The sun shines in as the curtains are pulled back.  Now the whole room is filled with morning chatter with the birds, the sound of cooking in the kitchen and I am ready for my day.

You would never want to see me if I didn’t take my pills.  It’s not a pretty site,


Quilt 1


It was just about an hour since I last took a picture. My mother-in-law brought a beautiful quilt that she had just finished making and asked me to take a picture for her. It is a pink soft fleece with what appears to be fluffy clouds floating by. Up in the left-hand corner is a sweet embroidered square she had sewn her wishes with her eighty-three year old arthritic hands for her dear, dear friend. This side will keep her warm. On the other side was the quilting. This time she did a ‘crazy’ quilt with squares and rectangles of many sizes and patterns sewn together. We sat looking at it in the kitchen. She was remembering where each swatch came from. One from her son, my husband’s pendleton, my daughter’s flower girl dress, her children’s school uniforms, some pieces that her mother had sewn, and so many more.

We sat for a while reminiscing. We would find ourselves with warm tears escaping from our eyes and pulling the tissues from the box. Later we would be laughing uncontrollably. There were a million memories in those old colorful pieces of material that she made to give to her dying friend. Now she will wrap her friend in that quilt and all of her thoughts of their days in the past to give her comfort and keep her warm