Today we were asked to be a lexicographer and create a new word with meaning and etymology.

I found this prompt difficult.  I tried a few that just didn’t sound right.

1.  Color + Muddy = Coluddy

2.  Taste + Earthy = Tastarthy

3.  Auto + Shower = Autower

But, there was one that I thought wasn’t too bad.

My made up word is: ‘ Digitock.’  This new word is a combination of ‘digital’ and ‘clock.’

It doesn’t need any explanation.

What To Make Of A Woman Apologizing For Herself

Please read this. It is a wonderful commentary on how society sees women, and why women do what they do.

Erin Matson

I have died a little, several times, hearing a smart woman apologize for sharing her opinion. Throw me six feet under so long as you’ll send a hot vampire who cares about feminism.

It’s not just “I’m sorry, but,” at the beginning of a sentence. These apologies also show up mid-conversation stream as “I’m rambling, and I’m not making any sense” even though no one has said so. They often masquerade as hierarchal concerns, such as “I’m just an intern, but,” or “I’m new here, but,” or “I’m young, but.”

I do and have done all these things, too, so don’t think I’m judging you if you relate as a speaker. The fact is that our culture clearly communicates that women will be better liked and more likely to get ahead if we downplay our abilities but have confidence in ourselves. That’s contradictory by design, because in this framework no one can win. You’re supposed…

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