I am late starting the assignments, but I am determined to do them.  For the first assignment we were asked to consider what we want to accomplish with your blog. Write down three concrete goals you want to achieve.

1.  My main goal for starting my blog was to have my voice heard about the disorganized, inferior and      frustrating medical system that is in place to care for our children with chronic illnesses and their families.  I seem to have gotten a bit off track.

2.  To get back to the true purpose of “I am not sick boy” I am going to start another blog to include information from the different organizations that I am involved with, express my own experiences within the system with my son Alex, and put as much knowledge  and advice as possible about my newest endeavor of forming a non-profit organization or find one that would act as an umbrella for our mutual goals.

3.  When I began writing on WordPress, I did not realize that my need to write, put my pen to paper, and tell my story was so great.  I have enjoyed all of the challenges and want to continue.  That is what the other blog will be for.

We had two questions that I want to answer here:

1.  Why do you blog?  My chief reason that I blog is to honor my beautiful son, Alex.  In doing that, I must do my best to bring the injustices that are considered routine care for children into the light.  I do not see many advocates for this particular subject out there.  My goal is to make my name synonymous with “Change for children with chronic illnesses and their parents.”  With my many years practicing medicine, I believe that I could be seen as a leader in this area and qualified to pursue it.

2.  If your blog exceeded your wildest dreams, what would that look like? For the ‘medical’ blog, I would like it to stay the same, appearing professional without the added distractions.  And for the other, it would be nice to have something that would mirror my personality.  I would hope to have more non-profit organizations, charities, and anyone with a big heart that is interested in changing the world of medicine as we know it.  The other would be my personal blog and It would be nice to have as many people who enjoyed what I was writing about to follow along with me.  I don’t have any expectations in the numbers.  It is my hope that I will post everyday on each one.


1.  Establish a new weekly feature on my blog by April 1st and publish it for the rest of this year.

2.  Publish posts from at least three respected guests by May 30.

3.  Increase my followers from Twitter and Tumble by twenty percent by June 1st.


  1. Great goals. Thank you for what you are doing for parents of chronically ill children. They can feel very alone. My son has struggled with migraines. He’d get an award for his straight A’s one day, and we’d be in the principal’s office about absenteeism the next. Luckily, she acknowledged that by seeing multiple specialists we were doing the best we could to address his migraines.

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