There are so many people, places and things that I want to keep around for a long time.  But if I had to choose one, it would be my room.  Everything I need to exist is in my beautiful room.  Except for food.  I have a kitchen that I wander into at times. I tore down the wall that separated our bedroom and the other room that my son lived in as a young boy.  My husband had always wanted to do this, so I did it for him after he passed away.  The bathroom is beautiful with a huge jacuzzi infinity bathtub, glass bowl sink, and a towel warmer.  All with an asian flare.  I could melt in that tub forever.  Did I mention that it is chromatic with the one color fading into the next?

The incredible paintings, scrolls, and tapestry that my husband brought home to me from China is displayed on the yellow and gold walls.  There is a vanity where makeup and polishes are stored to the left of the room.  On the far right side is an antique Chinese desk filled with important papers inside the drawers and lovely trinkets on top.

There is a fifty inch TV that ‘floats’ over my dresser painted red with golden hardware to adorn it.  Next to the dresser is my favorite chair in the house.  It is a bright orange rocking chair/lounger that I can sleep in (if I have to.)  I do not have many words left so what should I tell you about next?  My bed that is always at the perfect number for me?  Or would you like to hear about the bump out window that lets the sun peek through each morning?

Most importantly, it is our love that permeates this room.  He is always with me.


8 thoughts on “IN MY ROOM

  1. Hi Patty,
    You’re bedroom sounds so relaxingly comfy and a real retreat.I hadn’t realised that your husband had passed away and I’m so sorry for your loss but touched by your love which lives on and seems to touched everything around you.
    Love & blessings,

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