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No…I mean stigma.  Stigmata is that other thing, what with the hands and the feet and the blood and the froinlavin.  Good morning dear reader(s), or morning in the PST, but good whatever time of day it might be where you currently are viewing this amazing blog-type-thing from.  Is it good?  Is that any of my business?  Does the fact that, so far, my morning is good (thanks to finally getting some good sleep last night) matter in any way?  If I was having a bad morning, and it was in a string of bad mornings, would that make me any worse of a person?  Would you feel compelled to flood me with a bunch of memes about how a positive attitude can determine my life and all I have to do is ask the universe for happiness and I will receive it?

Regular reader(s) of this here blog-type-thing will…

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