This is an excellent article for the families of children with ED.  I know I have told you all this before, but, again, my niece lives daily with ED.  She has the most severe type and suffers with pain and disabilities.  That is why I post so much about this devastating syndrome.

http://shar.es/1fUQAC Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) is a group of hereditary disorders of the connective tissues that cause defects in one or more gene(s) that code for different t… This message was sent using ShareThis (http://www.sharethis.com)

Northern Light

Read this post by Sue at Daily Echo and be transported to another land.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

up north 098In a few days I run northwards again for the monthly meeting of the Silent Eye. Since the birth of the school I have been blessed with the opportunity to point the car northwards every few weeks. Before that it had been the best part of twenty years since I had been able to spend any time there. So to be able to finally return so often to a place that holds my heart has left me with a deep well of emotion. Much of it gratitude.

northern sky

I had yearned for the moors and hillsides with a longing that had become so much a part of me I couldn’t have separated it out had I tried. And now I get to go back and feed my soul. Each visit is touched with utter perfection. No matter how pretty it is down here in the south… and it is admittedly very…

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