I  am bringing awareness to a disease that is not readily know of.  It is a debilitating disease that often comes with other chronic diseases.  You have probably already read some of my posts about the struggles that my sweet niece has gone through due to this disease.  It is for her and all those suffering with EDS that I am posting these reminders.





Why I don’t Love You Like I Used to: Letters To My Husband

Love changes.

Raising Dystonia.

Letter 1

It used to drive me crazy. As newlyweds, unsolicited advice came from everywhere. People assumed that being married meant they were an expert on marriage and they were more than happy to lend their expertise. Almost all of it was unhelpful. There was, however, one exception.

We met them on our honeymoon and looking back the interaction felt oracular. As though they saw us and knew our future. We met them randomly while having a sunset cocktail. At the time I thought they were a sad little old married couple with terribly depressing advice. Actually, I am not sure if it was advice or rather a statement. Smiling sweetly at his wife of over 50 years he said to us, “I don’t care how much you think you love each other now just wait. You will look back one day and realize you don’t love each other like…

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