It is not only those with Ehler’s Danlos that suffer from dental problems.  This is common with many chronic illnesses.  There are many dentists who refuse to care for these patients because they feel that it would be too difficult or they don’t believe that they could make a difference.  My son, Alex, went for many years looking for a dentist to take him on.  There shouldn’t have been a problem because he had medical.  But insurance was never the issue.  It was the fact that his illness included vomiting many times daily that was uncontrolled and he was left with many cavities and oral sores.  I was appalled at the way that these professionals were able to disregard him and allow him to live with one more source of pain.  This is a great article.

Positively spiritual

Carly is an inspiring woman making a difference for many people, most of them in need of transplants or recovering from the transplants. This is definitely worth a read.

bruises you can touch

I recently saved someone’s life after intervening in a critical incident through my work as a pastoral carer, and while I can’t go into details due to confidentiality reasons and because I respect everyone’s privacy, after a triumvirate of serendipitous messages from the universe on this one day, I had to write about what it’s like to be at the coalface of pastoral care.

When I meet patients and introduce myself as being from pastoral care, there is often a degree of confusion. Some older patients have asked me if I’ve come to tell them about how their animals are going while they’re in hospital, and so when I say ‘pastoral’ care, I usually follow it up with the words ‘spiritual care’. Most of my patients are not religious, but all are spiritual. Every single one of them. Some people I speak to don’t believe they have any spirituality in their lives…

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