Son, let me tell you what you CAN do

This post is from Mrs. Mumsie’s blog.

I rarely see this type of article when it comes to talking about children with chronic illnesses.  This was always my philosophy.  I believe that you have to say yes as much as you can for your children.  Of course there will be some limitations with the child with illnesses.  If you think about it, we say no primarily because it makes us feel better.  If he goes to the party, I will be up worrying about him.  If she goes shopping with her friends, she might be meeting a boy.  But, until they give us a reason to doubt them, keep saying yes as much as you can.  My son went to Europe for three weeks with his heavy breathing machine and a letter detailing all of his illnesses and how to care for him if he is hospitalized in another country.  He went to Mexico in fifth grade and vacationed in China with his father four years before he died.  It isn’t easy, but I know that I can feel peace knowing that my son went to The Boston Conservatory for two years to play his amazing clarinet.  He had a short life.  He had a full life.

Son, let me tell you what you CAN do.