Here is another article about how young people with chronic illnesses are treated.  There is no understanding or respect.  This woman’s illness is not completely invisible.  I thing that I would notice if a twenty-three year old woman came into the ER with an oxygen tank connected to a tube that traveled up into two little prongs in her nose attempting to breathe to live a little longer.  How insensitive are we as a society that we can not understand that she may need help more than you at the moment?  I applaud this young lady for being strong and coming out to answer that woman, even if she didn’t have the strength in the beginning.

Caring for the Carers


carer's week 2You are probably not aware of it, because it doesn’t seem to be that well publicised, but it’s Carer’s Week this week in the UK and Ireland.

Carers Week is all about recognising the hard work, dedication and self sacrifice carers make every day in caring for a loved one. These are not paid staff employed either privately or by the state to look after a disabled person; these are people who give up their own lives to in order to improve the life of a friend or family member who can’t look after themselves.

In the Census of 2011, 4.1% of the population were giving unpaid regular assistance to someone who needed it; of these, 98.3% were family members, mostly spouses, two thirds of them female. It is hardly surprising to find that separation and divorce is higher among carers than in the rest of the general population.

Sadly,  the…

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