I am a huge fan of Dr. Pamela Wible!  She is telling the world what no one wants you to know, that there is a huge problem with our healthcare system!  If you have followed my blog for any time at all, you already know that.  But, Dr. Wible is opening up the hidden secrets that healthcare providers don’t talk about.  The bullying, sleep deprivation, and never-ending demands.  There is more.  As a resident, physician, or other medical personnel, we are forced to wear a mask.  Yes.  When we walk into our place of business, we are to become someone that we are not.  In order to portray our professionalism, we are not to laugh too much or smile too much.  Throughout our day we hold a hand while a patient breathes his last breath, we work feverishly on a toddler whose mother threw a hot-pot pie in his face, and we tell a patient that her disease is terminal and she will not see her children grow up.  Yes.  Our days can be that bad.  The despicable part of this is that we are required to do it all without emotions.

Is it really any wonder that our healthcare workers soon seek alcohol, drugs or any other addiction to cope for the pain that they are in.  When one finds themselves in this condition, there is nowhere to go.  I know of some people who would drive over one hundred miles in  order to seek help that would not be seen by their hospital or medical board.  There is no true treatment for those struggling with these demons.

Please read this article that Dr. Pamela Wible has recently put up on her website and see if it sheds a little light on what is happening in the medical field.


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