To the Momma of a Critically and Chronically Ill Child – Scribbles & Crumbs

I found this post at scribble and crumbs.  She wrote these amazing words that have been penned on my broken heart for years.  I so admire her strength and lovely soul that has brought these words on paper and brought me magically to another time.  It was a time that I was that woman waiting for hours in an Emergency Room, passing my sweet boy to a surgeon and praying, and crying on the way to the hospital one more time after forty-eight hours of no sleep.  She has put all of it on paper so eloquently.  Have a tissue ready.

To the Momma of a Critically and Chronically Ill Child – Scribbles & Crumbs.

The Meeting

I found this article on ‘The Mighty’ and thought I would repost it. This is how it feels to be fighting everyday for what your child deserves! It can wear you down, but you still have put those gloves back on and get in the ring.

Monkey Business

The tension in the room was palpable.  We both came to the table with a chip on our shoulder; You because I was questioning too much and Me because I didn’t like your answers.

The problem is that we come from different sides of the track you and I.  You are all about the purse strings, while I am all about the heart strings.  You see my son as a burden while I see him as a blessing. You see him as an adult who is a  fiscal drain on your limited funds while I see him as my baby boy who is as deserving as the next.  You are all about the quantity while I am all about the quality.

You see me as irrational while I see you as un-emotional.  You feel I am asking for too much, that my expectations are too lofty.  You try to convince…

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I am so excited to be doing the AtoZ Challenge.  It sounds like so much fun.

This is my AtoZ Challenge reveal.  I will be doing a different chronic illness each day in April.

I thought long and hard because there are so many things that I enjoy writing a about.  But I am sure that any of you who have been reading my blog for any time at all know that my true passion is to bring awareness to these chronic diseases that children are suffering through everyday and what a day in their life is like.  So I am happy and proud to reveal my theme:  Chronic Diseases.

Each day I will have a post on my blog:  I Am Not Sick Boy.  I hope  you all enjoy it.  Thank you Tena Carr for explaining this challenge to me and encouraging me to try it out.