I am so ashamed that I did not finish the A to Z Challenge.  I kept telling myself that I could catch up, but it never happened. I did get to ‘T’, and for that I am proud.  I hope you learned a little about some illnesses of children and a little about me.  This month has been a particularly busy one.  I am finally at the stage of forming my nonprofit organization to name the people for my board.  I am so excited.  This has been my dream for such a long time.  We are looking into the name to make sure there isn’t another business with that same.  It is a perfect name with a concise and to-the-point tagline.  The Mission Statement was the most difficult for me to do.  After about two weeks, it was done.  The group of people who I am bringing together are so special all with a heart to help children with their families.  I would have never believed it would be happening so soon.

The other thing that has happened in the month of April is that I have communicated with some charities that are attempting to make drastic changes in our healthcare system and have reached out to me to offer some of my ideas.  I am not well-versed on how to do Power Point.  It took a while, but I finally figured out how to put the pictures where I wanted them and make bullet points and number the lists.  They are taking some of my suggestions.  I was even sent a notice that there was an opening for a state position as an advocate for people with disabilities.  It was a long application, but I put it in on time.  This will put me and our new nonprofit organization in an excellent place.  It is an appointed seat so I don’t have to be elected.  It would be for two years.  Imagine I will finally be doing exactly what I have always wanted to do.

Now, I am going to return to the weekly challenges that I love to do, plus the Daily Posts.  Thank you all for coming by to see my daily alphabet posts.  I enjoyed seeing the ones that I visited.  I am so impressed by all of you who did such a great job all month and finished.  I say, ‘Good job’ to you!  And I thank you for being patient with me.

I Know That You Try

I saw this and thought it was speaking right to me. Maybe it will shout out to you too.


A million wishes, a billion thoughts, tons of dreams and a vision is what makes us. We all want to be somewhere higher, from where the view is even better. We all want to do what we have always wanted to. We all have tied ourselves to a goal, a wish that we yearn to fulfill. I wish you the best of luck for your dreams, your aspirations, your desires, and your journey. Some people do criticize you, they try to bring you down and they believe that you’ll fall. But I know that you can rise above it all. I know that you have a power inside of you that no one can steal. I know that you are far better than what people give you credit for. I appreciate you . I know that you try. Never feel alone. Never.Dale Carnegie quote

You are capable of anything. You can make…

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