#35 – It is shocking how true this is. In the beginning, you think and expect that you and your child will be treated with respect and compassion. But it is true that you will find the opposite. Some will be short with you, make you feel ‘stupid’, and you will be sent to an endless line of specialists with the same, or worse attitudes. With that being said, you are also in a unique position that other moms will never know. The many hours in the Emergency Room and hospital visits and the time necessary to be a special mom for your special child gives you a bond that is difficult to imagine. I remember the last night that my son was here on this earth. We had just come home from the ER, then to Denny’s (as was our custom) and he hugged me tight and told me that he appreciated all of the time we had together, that even as he was an adult I was there with him, and especially that I always allowed him to be the person that he wanted to be. We said good night. I found him the next morning cold and blue in his tiltabed (his name for his adjustable bed) , one of the hardest, most devastating days of my life.  But, I knew he was ready. I would never be. I would always Love Love Love that I was chosen to be his MOM.

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