Red Band Society

I do not usually talk about what I watch on TV, but I think this new show is worth me taking some time here to write about.  Sundays will be the days that you will see a blog about “The Red Band Society.”  From the first episode I was hooked.

My interest was peaked when I first read the reviews before it aired.  I always like a good hospital tale.  When I watched it, I realized that this was not just another medical TV show with doctors and nurses falling in love and saving the day.  No. This is something that touched my heart and goes hand-in-hand with my passion:  Helping children with chronic illnesses and their parents.  I am an advocate for them and am standing up to make changes in our medical system in order to give every child the care that that they deserve.  If you have read my blog before, you know that I lived that nightmare that never ends with my son, Alex.

Within the first few minutes of the show, Charlie, the boy in a coma, said, ” Everyone has two stories.  The one they want you to know and the one they don’t.”  For Alex, that was his reality.  He would do anything to keep that huge dark secret  inside and never let it come to light, just like those kids on my 42 inch screen.

I watched with tears rolling down my cheeks when Leo was giving each of his friends one of his treasured red medical bands.  He had saved them from each life-changing event in his life.  My son kept his bands too.  They were blue and white.  And shortly before he breathed his last breath, he gave many of his away to some dear friends. I suppose that was his way to pass on his strength to those who would be needing it in the future.  Well, that was the first episode.  Next Sunday there will be more.

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